Sunday, 31 July 2016

"Bidden or unbidden, God is present................................" - Carl Jung, Psychiatrist 1875 - 1961

Emotional release in a vivid dream woke me suddenly. I had been embraced by a relative from Canada, middle aged, overweight, grey haired, like my Father. He came to the door of a house in which I was staying. Outside and on the doorstep was thick snow. I have relatives in Canada, but I have never visited, so I did not know this person. But the dream had a quality.

It was cathartic and tailored, not random and associative, ascending a chain of mental associations. In it, I had been moving down a well decorated corridor while looking for a way out through a toilet door.  So... Canada was a metaphor for another world, one I don't understand, in which I also have relatives.  Paradise. 

Paradise was communicated using thoughts I do understand.  Snow is a symbol of a pure dimension, and the search for a toilet, a symbol of the call of nature. Looking for a door to take you from nature to paradise is useless, someone must come in and show you the door, for you to see, go through. 

Jesus did this in human culture, the dimension he showed is here, only you can't own it or imitate it.  The Bible is full of God talking to people through their dreams. But beware whenever religion, important as it is, becomes what Jung called in his "Memories, dreams, reflections," a defence against you experiencing God.

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