Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Surprised by Hope...

...is the name of a book I read recently, and I was.  It is summed up in this Coptic Icon of the Resurrection, which shows Adam and Eve, representing all our common humanity, pulled from the grave as Christ returns in a new heaven and a new earth, flanked by Prophets and Kings.  He pulls us beyond the limits of our created psychological body image ('Psykikon Soma') into our true nature, or our original body, the 'Pneumatikon Soma', the new body powered by God's spirit.  The point of being a Christian then is not to believe or disbelieve in the resurrection, but to recreate it.  It is not about going to heaven when we die, or being 'good enough' but being a channel for cosmic justice mercy freedom beauty and compassion, ushering in the body we know is coming back.

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