Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Just beyond your personal reach

Being just beyond your personal reach, but morally good and attractive and experienced as a presence, is available to us in music, art, morality, and science.  This transcendent depth to all human experience manifests in a slow vibration called matter, and is thereby reduced to a personal story, a time bound narrative based on geography, employment, family, friendships and physical encounters as‘my’ individual imagination and memory.  This is seen in retrospect like a driver in a rear-view mirror, but being itself is not subject to this un-becoming and re-becoming, and  the great I am is really one knowledge, one truth and love, one conscious bliss for whom there is no death.  This is what we mean by God.  Individuals are the imagination of this eternal divine Self who is kind to the wicked and the ungrateful (Luke 6:35). No foolish thoughts, no false imagery, no fears and no forebodings come near this divine I behind the Christian religion, who became a historical human being so that historical human beings could become this divine I (2 Pet 1:4), the light of the world” (Matt 5:14)  If you don’t let kindness and truth leave you (Proverbs 3.3) this eternal love is nearby.


  1. There's a process in the mind whereby we apprehend our experiences and keep them in imagination and memory. And relive them. Turn them into memories. I have heard this process called 'back-translation' whereby we translate what happened into thought. It's useful to do this to learn and consolidate. But as you rightly say it was the truth of being that was encountered then, in that now, and can be encountered again in this now.

  2. That's interesting Tom, thanks